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Waffle Recipes

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Belgian Waffle Recipe

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Easy Waffle Recipe

An easy recipe for waffles is something that every waffle iron owner should have, whether it’s written down in a recipe book or etched into their mind for future batches. Once you’ve got that basic mainstay you can add items and substitute others to make your own unique flavors of waffle and different types for [...]

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Waffle Mix Recipe

Everyone needs a good quality homemade waffle mix recipe that they can rely on for cold winter mornings, or days when you cannot think of what to serve for dessert. That’s why we’ve listed our favorite Belgian waffle mix recipe for you to use. This particularly easy waffle mix recipe includes blueberries, but you’re well [...]

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Gluten Free Waffle Recipe

Being gluten intolerant doesn’t have to mean cutting out certain dishes from your diet. There are always tasty alternatives to gluten, and luckily for celiac disease sufferers and for those who are gluten intolerant, gluten free flour can provide the ideal breakfast or dessert. Of course, you can find many gluten free waffle recipes that [...]

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Bisquick Waffle Recipe

Bisquick: the friend of home cooks nationwide. We just love this stuff as it provides an easy and flawless way to make homemade waffles in under 6 minutes (depending on your waffle maker timing). To make Bisquick belgian waffles you simply add a tiny bit more baking soda to the mix (no more than a [...]

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Waffle Batter

Having a waffle iron is all very well, but it’s of no use at all if you don’t know how to make batter for waffles. We’ve put together our favorite and best waffle batter recipe for you to use, and we believe it will become a big hit in your kitchen for breakfasts and desserts [...]

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Waffle Flour

Waffles can easily be made with all purpose flour and still taste great, but altering the type of waffle flour that you use can make a huge difference to the results. There are many different types of waffle flour, from buckwheat and rice flour to make gluten free waffles, to Carbon’s golden malted original pancake [...]

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Waffle Cone Recipe

If you’ve purchased or are thinking about purchasing a waffle cone maker then the first thing you’ll need is a waffle cone recipe. We’ve provided our own homemade waffle cone recipe below for you to follow, adapt and make your own. If you have yet to buy a waffle cone maker or a waffle iron [...]

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Homemade Waffle Recipe

It’s always possible and often a convenience to be able to buy ready made waffles from the grocery store, but they never have quite the same taste, texture and overall appeal of a homemade batch. To get you started on your own homemade waffle recipes, we’ve put together our own easy homemade waffle recipe. From [...]

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Eggless Waffle Recipe

Although many people haven’t heard of it, flaxseed makes a great substitute for egg. However, it only works in certain dishes because of its distinctly nutty flavor and grainy texture. For this reason, flaxseed is absolutely perfect for breakfast, dessert or snack waffles (particularly egg free waffles for those who are allergic to egg, or [...]

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